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BradyGlo™ photo luminescent technology provides an advanced guidance system in the event of an emergency. BradyGlo™ products range from signs and tapes which glow for 10 hours+ in the event of loss of power or light in an area.

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Safety Signages

imo safety signsWe offer

  • bi-lingual signages
  • comprehensive range of superior quality, durable & innovative signs
  • specific drilling rig signages
  • photoluminescence signages
Pipe Marker

pipe markersPipe Marker Objective

  • Safety
    • Reduce accidents due to ignorance of pipe contents
    • Eliminate error in pipe identification - crucial when external parties are involved under emergency conditions
  • Efficiency
    • Save valuable time and effort tracing pipe
    • Reduce maintenance and repair downtime
  • Compliance to Standards 
    • To meet specific industry standards

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Product Range

  • Valves, Couplings
  • Labels, Markers, Signs
  • Wire Ropes, Rigging Tools
  • Hoses, Tubes

Quality Products

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