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Printers and Label Makers

PrintersBrady's industrial printers and label makers offer reliable, on-demand labeling solutions for any industry. Designed with thermal transfer printing capabilities, Brady's printers create clear, professional-looking labels, signs and tags - with the durability to withstand even the harshest environments. Whether it's a small handheld printer or a large, multi-color industrial printer, Brady has an easy-to-use label printing solution to fit your needs.

Labels, Markers and Tapes

LabelsMarkersBrady offers thousands of high performance labels, markers and tapes that can help your company communicate important safety and facility identification messages. Proper identification can significantly improve productivity, performance, safety and security. Available in pre-printed, blank and custom designs, Brady's labels, markers and tapes can be used for a variety of applications, including wire and cable identification, facility safety, voice and data comm identification, laboratory identification and more.


SignsAs a global leader in facility signage, there's no other company that can help you communicate critical information better than Brady. We offer more than 8,000 different signs for safety, maintenance and facility identification. Brady signs feature bright colors, bold text and intuitive pictographs to ensure that the communication is highly visible and easily understood. The signs are compliant with the latest standards and regulations, and designed to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.

Lockout Tagout

LockoutTagoutThe world leader in lockout/tagout products and services, Brady offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. In addition, Brady covers other critical aspects of a compliant, effective energy control program by providing innovative solutions for training employees, creating documented procedures, and identifying energy sources. Brady's services help companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.


SoftwareBrady offers label, sign and facility management software for a wide variety of applications. To meet today's growing identification needs, Brady provides powerful software for asset and inventory control, cable management, inspection and facility management, laboratory identification and tracking, production and barcode labeling, safety and facility identification, wire and cable identification as well as supplies and accessories available to work seamlessly with the Brady software. When it comes to safety and identification, trust Brady's software solutions to help you achieve almost any need for label design and industrial identification needs.

Absorbents and Spill Containment

SPC_Absorbents_ProductsBrady's SPC sorbents & spill control products help you keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected spills, leaks, drips or other accidents. SPC sorbents are available for cleaning up oil, water and chemical based spills. Select from traditional polypropylene or eco-friendly Re-Formô sorbents and spill kits to help comply with the latest OSHA and EPA safety regulations.

Pipe and Valve Marking

PipeMarkersBrady offers a comprehensive collection of pipe and valve marking supplies, tools and identification systems. Clearly marked pipes let workers trace process problems and find solutions faster. Also, Brady's pipe and valve marking solutions help satisfy safety and ASME (ANSI) standards. With Brady, you can easily identify pipe content and flow direction with self-sticking labels, valve tags and other high-performance pipe markers that ultimately keep your facility safe and compliant. Brady provides a wide range of pipe markers made of materials that match your needs; indoors, outdoors, in harsh environments or light duty applications, Brady has you covered.


TagsBrady offers thousands of pre-printed and custom tag options to help you reduce errors and confusion throughout your facility. Designed for tough industrial environments, Brady tags are made of high performance, durable materials that can withstand harsh environments - both indoors and outdoors. Brady tags can be used for hazard warnings, valve identification, equipment instructions, accident prevention, and more. Browse the Brady tag categories to find the tag solution that best fits your tagging needs.

Wire and Cable ID

WiresCablesBrady's wire and cable identification products include wire labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, tags, wire marker books and cards, and other cable marking products. Designed for the industrial facility, Brady's wire and cable identification products are proven to withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, liquids, abrasion and more. Cable marking solutions are available in a variety of sizes and colors to ensure that your wires and cables are marked with clear, legible identification. With thermal transfer printing system, label design software and a full line of wire and cable identification, Brady offers the complete cable marking solution to meet your needs.

Engineered Product Solutions

EngineeredproductAircraft, military vehicles, trains, and other mass transit systems demand high performance products that can withstand extreme environments. Brady offers a complete line of engineered product solutions for aerospace, defense and mass transit identification, including wire and cable labels, sleeves and tags, label printers, software and DoD UID Systems. Our products offer outstanding print permanence and material strength, and they are designed to be applied faster and easier. Plus, we have global distribution and manufacturing capabilities - which means we can get you the products you need, when you need them.

WorkPlace Safety and Security

WorkplaceBrady is the global leader in safety, security and identification products specifically designed to increase workplace safety. Brady provides innovative products and services that enhance the safety and security of the workplace environment with a wide variety of signage for confined spaces, tags and labels for marking hazardous materials, right-to-know (RTK) information and safety compliance and training resources. Brady's safety equipment and workplace safety products are designed to help you identify caution areas, provide resourceful information to employees and enhance the overall safety of your facility inside and out.


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