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systetic fibre ropeTypically, the common materials for synthetic fibre ropes are synthetic petro-chemical based materials such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester and polyethylene. Some synthetic fibre ropes are made from a combination of these materials. As synthetic fibre ropes are lighter than steel wire ropes and do not corrode, they do not require solvents and lubricants that are used for maintaining steel wire ropes. Newer fibre materials such as HMPE which are of higher tensile strengths and durability are also available. Generally, a HMPE synthetic fibre rope is lighter and more pliable, and thus easier to be used.

We offer a wide range of quality brands such as “Manho”, “Dong Yang”, “DSR”, “Naroc”, “Bexco” and “ScanRope”, as well as our house brand, “Magnaro”.

The following sets out some of the synthetic fibre ropes we supply mainly to the marine, offshore O&G and defence industries, together with a brief description of their applications as follows:-

Manufacturers / Brands Products Key Applications
Bexco N.V.
6- Strand Atlas/Caesar


HMPE Dyneema

A 6-Strand nylon rope with quality nylon fibre which is suitable for mooring especially on a constant tension winch and is used mainly on container vessels.

It uses Bexco composite fibre with polyester. It is lightweight, strong and suitable for mooring tails, towing and lugging.

It has ultra-high strength, lightweight, low coefficient of friction and good fatigue life. It is suitable for most marine and offshore O&G applications, particularly for mooring and offshore installation. It has similar strength as steel wire rope of the same size but significantly lighter. It is also used in special defence applications.

Naigai Rope MGF Co., Ltd

Naigai Double Braided Rope

It is a type of braided rope which is highly flexible and kink free with low elongation, high tensile strength, high wear resistance and dimensional stability used mainly in mooring applications.
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