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steel wireSteel wire rope is used across a wide spectrum of industries for many applications. A steel wire rope is made up of steel wires that are twisted to form strands. The strands are in turn twisted to form steel wire ropes of different sizes, depending on the desired strength of the steel wire rope. Steel wire ropes are consumables which may be discarded when worn out. Steel wire ropes are used in mooring, towing and lifting systems.

We offer an extensive range of quality brands such as “Kiswire”, “Manho”, “DSR” and “Young Heung” as well as our own house brand, “Wrexco”.

The following sets out some of the steel wire ropes we supply mainly to the marine, offshore O&G and construction industries, together with a brief description of their applications as follows:-

Manufacturers / Brands Products Key Applications
Kiswire Ltd.

Hyrope (High performance wire rope)

Extremely high breaking strength used in heavy hoisting applications such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, deck cranes and pile driving equipments.

Kiswire Ltd.

Manho Rope & Wire Ltd.

Young Heung Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

DSR Wire Corp

6 strands x 36 wires Warrington Seale 

6 strands x 19 wires Seale 

4 strands x 39 wires Semi-Seale 

35 strands x 7 wires Warrington 

Ship mooring, towing, anchor handling and general crane use.

Offshore drilling line.

Spin resistant hoisting rope used in derrick cranes, tower cranes and deck cranes.
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